At Weststar Vehicle Care Limited

Our services include: Transmission Service, Suspension Systems, Air-conditioning Services, Oil change, Scheduled maintenance, Wheel Alignment & Balancing, Tire Sales and Installation, Cooling Systems, Diagnostic Services and Drivetrain Service.

At the Weststar Vehicle Care workshop we provide quality that gives peace of mind.



Tire Sales & installation

We have competitive prices on several brands of tires. When you drive on a new set of tires, you feel confident and safe.

Oil Change

Having your oil and filter changed helps protect your engine’s inner parts, and maximizes its service life.

Schedule Maintenance

Routine maintenance can help prevent costly repairs.

Wheel Alignment & Balancing

Keep your car aligned and tires balanced for a smooth, straight driving experience while maximizing tire life.

Oven Baked Auto Spray Service

Weststar Vehicle Care offers an automobile spray booth and specialises in general automobile maintenance with focus on meeting clients’ needs and preferences.

Cooling Systems

Keeping your engine at a normal operating temperature will prevent costly repairs in the future.

Diagnostic Service

Our shop is equipped with state of the art diagnostic equipment that helps us determine the problem correctly the first time.


Keeping the complex mechanism of the drivetrain system in good working order will ensure a worry-free driving experience.

Transmission System

Proper transmission service will ensure your car shifts through the gears flawlessly for years to come.

Air Conditioning

Make sure you stay cool with a fully serviced air conditioning system.

Suspension Systems

Worn out suspension components can cause premature tire wear and an unpleasant ride.

Auto Detailing

Our auto detailers are happy to help you clean up your Vehicle. Whether you want us to give it a simple, or a comprehensive once-over detail, we’re ready and waiting to get the job done for you