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At Weststar Vehicle Care Limited

Our services include: Transmission Service, Suspension Systems, Air-conditioning Services, Oil change, Scheduled maintenance, Wheel Alignment & Balancing, Tire Sales and Installation, Cooling Systems, Diagnostic Services and Drivetrain Service.

At the Weststar Vehicle Care workshop we provide quality that gives peace of mind.



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Tire Sales & installation

We have competitive prices on several brands of tires. When you drive on a new set of tires, you feel confident and safe.

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Oil Change

Having your oil and filter changed helps protect your engine’s inner parts, and maximizes its service life.

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Schedule Maintenance

Routine maintenance can help prevent costly repairs.

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Wheel Alignment & Balancing

Keep your car aligned and tires balanced for a smooth, straight driving experience while maximizing tire life.

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Oven Baked Auto Spray Service

Weststar Vehicle Care offers an automobile spray booth and specialises in general automobile maintenance with focus on meeting clients’ needs and preferences.

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Cooling Systems

Keeping your engine at a normal operating temperature will prevent costly repairs in the future.

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Diagnostic Service

Our shop is equipped with state of the art diagnostic equipment that helps us determine the problem correctly the first time.

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Keeping the complex mechanism of the drivetrain system in good working order will ensure a worry-free driving experience.

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Transmission System

Proper transmission service will ensure your car shifts through the gears flawlessly for years to come.

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Air Conditioning

Make sure you stay cool with a fully serviced air conditioning system.

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Suspension Systems

Worn out suspension components can cause premature tire wear and an unpleasant ride.

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Auto Detailing

Our auto detailers are happy to help you clean up your Vehicle. Whether you want us to give it a simple, or a comprehensive once-over detail, we’re ready and waiting to get the job done for you